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Our carefully structured, immaculately designed and time-tested programmes for school children are tailor made to complement their classroom learning and make them prepared for the life that awaits them! We follow a very intricately developed programme which tests them on the physical, social, intellectual and cognitive levels.

Triple-A Beyond Wild School Programme


Skills, talents and hobbies all get a chance to flourish here! A number of sessions on music, dance, art, craft and jungle lore makes them more independent, creative and fast- thinking.


The importance of working in a team, as a team and for the team cannot be stressed enough! A number of modules ranging from team dramas and skits, treasure hunts, jungle walks and treks, crisis management, etc. help in attitude building.


Being in nature is about sensitizing them in the great life lessons of symbiosis, co-operation and love and compassion for all beings. Our team of mentors and instructors are trained in the art of being friends with the students and at the same time engaging them in compelling activities which make them not just better campers, but better human beings.

Activities Conducted

Our school programmes are always packed with action, knowledge, entertainment and a schedule so tight and intense that the day starts at 6 in the morning with a jungle safari and concludes at 10 in the night over a crackling campfire where the students are engaged in dance and music. Basically, we follow the below model and plan the following activities on these trips:

Self exploration and self learning 
Treasure Hunt, reading, etc.
Wildlife and nature skills 
Wildlife safaris, treks and nature trails with our experts.
Arts and Crafts
Many games and activities.
Performing arts
Skits, dramas, etc. enacting with prizes at the end.
Team building
Many activities and games.
Practical and theory based with a friendly competition.
Survival skills
Cook your own food, etc.
Fun & Entertainment
Campfire, songs, joke session, etc.

Our Cult Programs

While we understand that each school and every student will have dissimilar requirements, ideas and budgets and we are completely flexible in ensuring that we craft the perfect plan for every enquiry, here are a few ‘cult’ programmes that have stood the test of time. Read on!

  • The Great Wildlife Safari

    Usually a 3 night camp at either Pench or Ranthambhore, two of India’s most storied tiger reserves, we engage the students in intense jungle safaris helping them understand how nature works and the great lessons that we learn it, in-resort art and craft sessions honing their creative skills, fine art sessions and campfire revelry. These wildlife camps are our most popular and in-demand school programmes.

  • Goa Beach Camp

    Goa never goes wrong! A very carefully selected villa on a secluded beach in South Goa is where this camp takes place! Sessions ranging from watersports (conducted by trained professionals in the safest possible manner), beach games and sports, Goan cooking classes and a very special ‘survival’ night’ is what this Goa camp is all about! Words do no justice, to be frank, for the fun and learning that the students take back home with them!

  • Rishikesh Rafting Adventure

    The white sands of the Ganga, deep within the Shivalik mountains, lies our beautiful camp. Rafting, rappelling and a host of other physical and adventurous activities is what this camp is known for. But, a beautifully structures array of team games, survival camps and extempore performances this camp from a typical adventure camp to a carefully planned and holistic learning experience. The memories of the days spent at this camp always help the students in future too.

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