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Over the years, while travelling with very passionate and discerning guests on our wildlife safaris, we have developed the most precise eye for detail, efficiency and perfectionism. Well, that is what MICE is all about! With an array of carefully designed and unique offers ranging from Pench and Ranthambhore to Ladakh and Jaisalmer to the regular ones like Goa and Bali, we have the entire destination gamut covered. We are proud to offer a full range of travel, hospitality and corporate solutions and services to our esteemed clients. In gist, this is all that we cover:

  1. Complete end to end travel services.
  2. Having tie-ups and the most special deals with the very best hotels and resorts at all destinations, your hospitality requirements are well taken care of.
  3. The Beyond Wild touch: be it a safari or a wildlife film screening at Pench or an exciting cooking competition in Bali, we always strive to give you that extra, fabulous bit!
  4. Parties, gala dinners and all things fun and frolic!
  5. The most meticulous attention to employee satisfaction and happiness!
  6. Our team of rigorously trained event experts accompany you thus streamlining all logistics to the minutest detail!
  7. A Beyond Wild exclusive range of events and games for kids!

While doing MICE events for corporates from across the country, all we believe in is giving them an experience which they shall fondly cherish forever!

At the same time, rejuvenating and de-stressing them such that their productivity back at work increases by leaps and bounds is an integral part of these off sites! Win, win for all, right?

Just write to us at info@beyondwild.in or call us on 09372253468 to plan the perfect corporate off-site for your reputed company! 

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