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The Tiger Photographer of the Year - 2020

The Tiger Photographer of the Year Contest 2020 is open for amateur nature photographers from across the globe. Images submitted may be taken from all over the free-ranging wild tiger habitat across Asia.
Members of the organizing committee and team members of Beyond Wild Travel and Resorts LLP won't be allowed to participate.



Images submitted must -

  1. Be made in unrestricted nature.
  2. Be of wild, free-ranging tigers (animals in captivity, pets strictly not allowed).
  3. Show respect for the subject and the environment.
  4. Ensure that the animals and environment were not harmed in any way whatsoever during photography. (On suspicion of disturbance or damaging nature the image will be excluded from participation).
  5. The final 10 images that are selected will be asked for RAW files.
  6. Each participant can submit at the most 2 images per category.
  7. Images must not be larger than 5 MB (or larger than 1920 pixels in its longer dimension)
  8. Please submit the images in the JPEG format only.
  9. All images must be submitted by the 31st of October, 2020.
  10. The photographer’s name or credentials should not be directly or indirectly shown on the image.
  11. The photographer confirms that he/she is the sole owner of the photographs, and this is implied by the mere entry of the image in the competition.
  12. The photographer is solely responsible if the rights of a third party are violated, and the organizers of the Tiger Photographer of the Year Contest shall not be responsible for any damages.
  13. The organizers have the right to use the photographs for promotional and marketing purposes of the Tiger Photographer of the Year Contest in the form of flyers, brochures, online campaigns, posters and social media posts. Due credits to the photographer shall be given wherever used.
  14. By entering the competition, the photographer gives the organizers non-exclusive rights to use his/her image on the Beyond Wild website under the ‘competition’ - ‘Hall of Fame’ section.
  15. The organizers reserve the rights to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel, alter or amend the competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, or if circumstances arise outside its control.
  16. Entry is free.

In any case of any ambiguities, the jury’s decision would be final. Entries that do not comply with the competition rules and guidelines stated herein shall be disqualified from the competition. Legal procedures of any kind against the organization or individual members of the jury are not possible.
By entering images to the
Tiger Photographer of the Year Contest the participating photographer agrees with the above-mentioned competition rules.




The Tiger Photographer of the Year Contest 2020 consists of 3 categories:

(Images in this category must depict a tiger in action in its/their wild surroundings).

(Images in this category must be accompanied by a minimum 100 word story which should ideally teach the audience something greater than what the image is showing).

(Images in this category should depict the endangered species and a peril that it is in. The image should evoke a sense of awareness and aid conservation).




You may use the following editing techniques -

  1. Cropping the images.
  2. Sensor spots removal, chromatic aberration and lens flare removal, multiple exposures (if the image is made inside the camera itself) are permitted.
  3. Regular adjustments like brightness, contrast, sharpness, white balance, shadows/highlights, local dodgem burn, and shadow are permitted. The last call shall be the jury’s.
  4. Monochrome images.

The below editing techniques are not allowed -

  1. Removing or deleting elements from the image.
  2. Watermarks or names of any kind whatsoever.
  3. Frames around images.



  1. All images should be JPEG only.
  2. The image should not weigh more than 5 MB.
  3. The image should not be larger than 1920 pixels on its longest side.
  4. Upon the jury’s request, large-size RAW images must be made available.




The files names must be in the below format only:
Category number_Second name of photographer_First name of photographer_Location of image.jpg.
For example: C1_Khanna_Rahul_Corbett.jpg

Each image must be accompanied by a caption.
To address any inquiry to the Competition Manager of the Tiger Photographer of the Year 2020, please write to info@beyondwild.in



In each category, the jury would shortlist 10 images which would further undergo a rigorous round of screening and inspection.
There would be just 1 winner per category.
Each winner will get an absolutely complimentary 2 nights / 3 days tour to Bandhavgarh with stay at the luxurious Aranyak resort including 3 exclusive safaris sponsored by Beyond Wild.
[The dates for the tour would be mutually decided by all the participants (once the COVID travel restrictions are over). Mr. Mihir Mahajan would be personally guiding the safaris.] 
The top 10 images from each category would be displayed on the Beyond Wild website’s ‘Hall of Fame’ category.


Aranyak Resort



Images can be sent in until October 31st 2020 23:59 hrs. (IST).
Images can only be sent through the www.beyondwild.in website.



The Tiger Photographer of the Year jury consists of the following people:

Mr. Varun Thakkar


Mr. Mihir Mahajan


Ms. Aarzoo Khurana


Looking forward to seeing your amazing images of the most mesmerizing of tigers!


Submit Your Image

Images can be sent in until October 31st, 2020 23:59 hrs. (IST). Images must not be larger than 5 MB. Images can only be sent through the www.beyondwild.in website or info@beyondwild.in email id.
Note: Image size should be less than 5 MB