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About Us

When unbridled passion meets consistent efforts and strong groundwork, you get a very potent combination of a team that is energetic, enthusiastic and supremely determined on working toward the goals set. We are extremely proud to have a team that sets us apart, which has, in a very short period of time, ensured that we are one of India's premier and most reputed wildlife and adventure travel organizations.

With Dr. Parag's extensive knowledge and incredible experience and Mihir's youthful passion and exuberance, Beyond Wild is in very able hands. We conduct over 500 unique departures to various National Parks in India and Africa, treks and sightseeing trips to offbeat places in the Indian and Bhutanese Himalaya and a host of other exciting tours. Having done this for close to a decade now, we can proudly say that very few know the tricks of this trade better than us.

Over the last few years, we are proud to have been announced with many European travel companies doing wildlife, a number of top MNCs for whom we conduct corporate out bounds and some reputed schools from India. Our sphere is growing, all thanks to patrons and well wishers like you.

Beyond Wild is made up of dedicated and zealous individuals amongst whom lies the common thread of an adventurous soul, love for wildlife and passion to share the same with others. We are proud of being the wildlife and adventure tourism experts, organizing tours and camps to many unexplored and unspoiled destinations. We thrive to unfurl the tales carefully tucked in these destinations and present the same to you in the best way possible. Throughout any trip, you will feel at home due to the unmatched hospitality and the experience and warmth that each mentor brings to the table and which will make you feel at ease instantly. And, we don’t think that there would be a better way to meet new people with similar tastes and share the experiences with.

There is a particular language that nature speaks. We fail to understand it as we aren’t listening carefully or patiently. Beyond Wild, with its expertise and immense knowledge within the domain, will help you decode that language and embrace the delightful ‘wild’ community.

Be a part of Beyond Wild, become one of our proud companions and feel the pulse of this dedicated art of travelling. And revel in the happiness and contentment that we would find during this journey, together.