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    Packed with breathtaking campsites, pristine forests and a mystery that has baffled people for years, the Roopkund trek is an action-packed experience for avid trekkers. The Roopkund Lake became famous shortly after a large number of human skeletal remains mysteriously appeared in it. Explorers and scientists have been looking for answers ever since, but the mystery still survives. Two theories have emerged; one is that these bones are of Gen. Zorawar Singh of Kashmir and his men who were returning after raiding China-Tibet in the 17th Century. A second opinion, which is also believed by locals, is that a large number of people visiting Roopkund were trapped in avalanches and snowstorms and were killed. Not even a single man survived to tell the true story. Alpine forests of Bhurjapatra (the famous `paper tree`), juniper, and the stately deodar, the famous landscapes Bedni bugyals (Alpine meadows), spectacular views of the famous snow capped high Himalayas, hardy shepherds with their flocks of sheep and goats, frequent sightings of families of lithe and lively langurs swinging through the tree canopy high above, chances to see ibex, snow fox, and a variety of raptors, seasonal meetings with Gujars famous for their high speed mountain climbing and their herds of buffalo, and visits to local picturesque mountain villages! This trek promises all and much more!

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