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    The Antarctica Expedition

    The Antarctica Expedition

    Immense icebergs, enormous rookeries of penguins and stunning landscapes combine to make

    a true adventure to the world`s most remote wilderness. You will be introduced to the magic of

    the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula on this 11-day expedition. This frozen

    frontier is home to some of the planet`s most incredible wildlife and dramatic landscapes. Along

    the journey, your team of expert guides and lecturers will provide context to the sites and bring

    alive the region`s remarkable natural history. You can join a kayaking excursion to experience

    the Antarctic from another vantage point or follow in the footsteps of bold explorers and

    experience the majesty of Antarctica first hand with a camping excursion.


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    Activities : Birding, Camping, Hiking, Zodiacing, Triple/Quad Cabins.

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