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    Tanzania is a majestic country and is extremely rich in contrasts. There is untamed wilderness on one hand and restrained nature on the other. If there are mysteries hidden in the dense, snow-capped mountains of Mt. Kilimanjaro, then gaping expanse of the Zanzibar beaches draws a perfect contrast, that seems to be filled with a lot of possibilities and splendour; if the Serengeti plains lay low with calmness and host many herds, the Ol Donyo Lengai seethes angrily spewing out the angry molten lava through the slow volcanic eruptions.

    Tanzania is home to a lot of national parks. A staggering 44 per cent of Tanzania`s land area is covered with game reserves and national parks. There are 16 national parks, 29 game reserves, 40 controlled conservation areas and marine parks. On 6 January 2012 The New York Times awarded Tanzania the 7th position among 45 top destinations to visit in the year 2012. 

    We visit four of Tanzania`s most acclaimed wildlife hotspots. Ngorongoro crater is renowned for many things, most significantly for housing the highest density of mammalian predators in Africa. The Ngorongoro crater, a large volcanic caldera is a feast for any wildlife lover. Before entering the Ngorongoro, ensure many GBs of free space on your camera! Lake Manyara was described by the great American author, Ernest Hemingway, as the most beautiful in Africa! The shallow, alkaline lake and its surrounding green environs are famed for the 300 - odd migratory birds, including the Flamingo, baboons and an abundance of two of Africa`s big cats, the Leopard and the Lion! We visit the Tarangire national park, famed for it`s enchanting landscapes of baobabs and acacias and also the tree-climbing lions!

    And last but not the least, we visit the iconic Serengeti, the home of the Big 5 and the world`s most beloved national park. All of us have grown up watching scenes from the Serengeti, those involving life and death and in turn learn something new on every turn! Let us be fascinated by those fabled savannahs once more!

    It goes without saying that this country pulsates with a lot of wildlife`s heartbeats. Put your feet here and feel the same pulse revitalize your own being. All you need to do now is pack your bags! 


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    Ngorongoro Conservancy
    Ngorongoro Conservancy
    The Ngorongoro crater, a large volcanic caldera situated to the Serengeti`s east, is Tanzania`s densest wildlife haven. Around 25,000 large animals live in the crater. The crater has one of the...Read More
    Serengeti National Park
    Serengeti National Park
    The world’s most famous national park, Serengeti is famous for its iconic annual migration where over a million ungulates take part in the annual pilgrimage. Regarded by many safari...Read More
    Tarangire National Park
    Tarangire National Park
    Tarangire is serious wildlife viewing country. Its vast reaches are home to a staggering diversity of animals and birds alike, with zebras, wildebeest, African elephants and other herbivores being...Read More
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