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    Snow Leopard Quest

    Snow Leopard Quest

    The snow-clad ranges and hostile slopes of the Himalayas have mesmerized man for centuries. Few have tried to conquer the heights, even fewer have succeeded and most of the areas of these enthralling mountains remain unexplored.  Even more mystifying are the treasures of the living world that these mountains house. The strikingly beautiful Snow Leopard is one of the most mysterious cats in the world, seldom glimpsed in the wild. These endangered species are one of the rarest living cats, and are as beautiful as they are enigmatic. With their thick coats and furry tails and paws, these tough cliff-dwelling predators have withstood a struggle against the changing environment. This winter, we set off on a quest to find this elusive creature in its own world, a world few humans have dared to visit.

    On our quest, we hike through the Rumbak valley, discovering the stark beauty of Ladakh. The scarce sub-alpine vegetation also houses the Asiatic Ibex, the Lynx, the Tibetan wolf, and the Bharal that we hope to spot. With captivating locations and the possibility of spotting the almost mythical creature, the ‘ghost of the mountains’, the Snow Leopard Quest is an experience beyond words, beyond wild.  


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