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    Pune-Ladakh | Car Expedition

    Pune-Ladakh | Car Expedition

    Every adventurer`s ultimate dream, this iconic Car expedition takes you through India`s most beautiful route!
    We travel to Udaipur, Manali, Pangong, Nubra, Tsomoriri, Leh and spend the morning of the 15th of August at the Kargil War Memorial!
    Time to turn on the ignition already?

    Self-contributory expedition | SUV`s only | Stay at guesthouses and camps | Carpooling | Insane fun 

    We have special discounts for couples and those amazing people travelling with a dog! ;)

    (Those who are getting their cars are requested to confirm to us soon. Those who want to car-pool can submit their names at info@beyondwild.in and we shall allot you a car accordingly).

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