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    Panna Student Special

    Panna Student Special

    Why visit Panna?

    1. This Beyond Wild special takes you to a jungle less explored and thus making the experience thrilling!

    2. 5 gypsy rides and 1 boat safari in the Ken river.

    3. A great opportunity to spot the Tiger as well as the Leopard.

    4. Stay at a comfortable forest lodge overlooking the beautiful Ken river!

    5. Great birdwatching and wildlife viewing in general.

    6. Travel with our experts and get to learn about photography from them.

    7. Immerse yourself in Beyond Wilds exclusive Jungle Lore session on camp.

    Why visit Panna with Beyond Wild?

    1. All our camps are escorted from Pune to Pune and our instructors are with the children throughout the duration of the camp.

    2. Travel insurance for every participant is taken care of.

    3. We provide wholesome food for the entire duration of the camp including train travel.

    4. Male and female volunteers trained in first aid and camp management on every camp.

    5. Maximum number of safaris per camp.

    6. Travel with our renowned wildlife experts and indulge in many interesting sessions and games on camp.

    7. Comfortable 3AC train travel on all camps.

    8. Stay at a luxury forest lodge selected as to give you the most complete jungle experience!

    9. Book 4 months before to avail Beyond Wild special Apex fare discount of Rs.2000/- per student.

    Please Note: Apex fare is applicable only if booked 4 months prior to departure date OR till train reservations and safari permits are available in regular quota.

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    Panna National Park
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