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    Mulshi overnight camping

    Mulshi overnight camping

    Fed up of the maddening city traffic and the incessant honking? Weary of the rising pollution levels and the stressed lives? Well, we have the perfect solution for that! Tucked away deep in the hills and valleys of the Sahyadri and adorned by the calm backwaters lies a campsite - earthy, raw and 100% wild!
    This back-to-nature campsite is just how camping was meant to be! Our camp starts with a wonderful birding trail through the dense woods around our camping ground and then we say goodbye to the setting sun with a game of football on our very own `green outfield`.

    The young night would take you back to the simple yet immensely powerful scenes from `Into the Wild`, where we dedicate our time to roast some mouth - watering barbeque as the moonlit waters gently lap at our feet. This is just how life was meant to be lived - simple yet meaningful.
    Just as we pleasure ourselves with the heavenly aromas and tastes from the grill, our local friends will serve us a sumptuous village meal complete with `pithla-bhakri-thecha`!

    With a surreal night walk and some astronomy along the sparkling backwaters, we conclude the day with a crackling campfire reminding us of the days long gone by. Nostalgic and content, we sleep under the stars as a thorough silence spreads across the valley.
    We wake up at the crack of dawn as our brighest friend lights up the top of the hills. After a moderate trek and a heavy breakfast, we drive back - with memories to cherish till the next time we camp together!


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    Camp logistics: Sleeping: Tent, sleeping bag and carry mat (kindly get your own pillows). Washroom: Toilet tents. Water: Packaged water for drinking, local water for washing. Food: Chicken and veg barbeque / vegetarian village dinner / poha, bread and omelette for breakfast. Drinks: Tea / coffee / milk / bournvita. Parking facility: Yes (the campsite is a 100 meters` walk from the parking). Activity level: Moderate. Recommended for: Families, group of friends and basically everyone who wants to experience original and authentic camping. This is frankly not for people who can`t live without the modern luxuries.

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