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    Little Rann Of Kutch

    Little Rann Of Kutch

    Situated in the state of Gujarat, the Little Rann of Kutch is one of the most unique landscapes of its kind. Believed to have been a shallow sea once, the raw beauty of this saline desert leaves you spellbound. The vast expanse of the flatlands is home to the desert fox, Hedgehog, desert cats as well as the last refuge for the Indian Wild Ass. During monsoon, the Rann gets inundated and hence is a haven for a variety of migratory birds including the flamingo.  Scarcely punctuated by vegetation, these flatlands are perfect for capturing these creatures nestling in their habitat on your camera! 

    Tour in a gist:

    1. The Indian Wild Ass in it’s only refuge on earth.
    2. Stark landscapes and excellent opportunities for photography.
    3. Myraid of desert creatures.
    4. A brilliant opportunity to see some rare desert birds, desert fox and the flamingos.
    5.Stay at an authentic Gujarati desert lodge and go on night drives.

    Only a fixed number of safaris are allowed every day and hence safari bookings happen 4 months in advance. We request you to kindly confirm your seat at the earliest to get assured safari bookings.

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    Little Rann of Kutch.
    Little Rann of Kutch.
    This is, unfortunately, the world’s last refuge of the Indian Wild Ass. These splendid animals roam across the vast salt pans with elegance and majesty, where they are now protected in the...Read More
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