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    Since the dawn of time, the unending expanses of unspoiled savannahs have inspired and mesmerized travelers. Some have lapsed into romantic rhapsodies, others shot awe-inspiring photographs to rant about their forays into some of the world`s greatest wildlife reserves. No matter who you are,where you come from, Kenya will bowl you over.

    When evening strikes those enigmatic plains, the sky looks as if nature`s colour palette got shattered, spilling all her hues and colours in the heavens! And when night falls, an eerie silence creeps over the plains, but, even then, somewhere in the savannah a lioness, or maybe a leopard is on the move. The savannahs never sleep.

    Kenya is a land of unexplored and raw beauty that can stun anyone into an awestruck silence. The never-ending savannahs stretching beyond the horizon contain every colour from a painter`s palette, every shred of imagination of a writer, every punctuation of a poet and every dream of any person. The skies and the land marry in a perfect unison and vow to take care of all those who roam freely between them. The wildlife is the lucky child that turns everyone else into the deepest shade of green, with envy.

    The Kenyan dream consists of a visit to the famed Lake Nakuru, renowned for the vast congregations of flamingos that line its shores and abundance of the big cats! Samburu houses some truly unique animals endemic to its plains. We visit the world famous Masai Mara, the home of the Africa`s legendary Big Five and arguably, the world`s most complete game reserve! We visit the Sweetwater`s Tented Camp in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy famous for its various endangered species.

    As the day gives way to night, which in turn steps aside for the day, the infinite beauty and wilderness continues to go on, without getting tired. Being amongst the most exquisite and untouched places on earth, the experience that Kenya generously offers you is priceless.  

    The Mecca of wildlife on earth, Kenya thrills and enchants travelers from all over the world. This enthralling Kenya safari takes you to 5 of Kenya`s most stunning wildlife reserves! 


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    Masai Mara National Reserve
    Masai Mara National Reserve
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    Lake Nakuru National Park
    Lake Nakuru National Park
     One of the Rift Valley’s most famous soda lakes, Nakuru attracts millions of flamingos, pelicans and other water birds thanks to its abundance of algae. The lake is surrounded by dense...Read More
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