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    Bhutan  is a land like no other. This tiny, landlocked country, nestled high up in the eastern Himalaya, is Nature's ultimate gift to us. Mighty mountains covered by magnificent Rhododendrons and Pines, beautiful rivers and streams flowing merrily, calm and peace-loving people without a care in the world and finally, the magic of the brilliant Buddhist architecture and the greatest testimony to it, the imposing and intricately decorated Dzongs, is what Bhutan is all about.

    The quaint roads leading to one beautiful place after another, the distant chanting of the monks reverberating through the rarified air at the monasteries and the awe-inspiring display of natural beauty are all enough reasons to transport you into another world. Bhutan is a wonder, a timeless masterpiece of beauty, charm and mysticism. 

    On this fabled journey of ours, covering 11 days and the whole of Bhutan, we go off the beaten track and explore some of Bhutan's lesser-known monasteries, go on village walks through dense jungles of Rhododendron and get to know the culture and the people! We will, of course, visit the bustling Bhutanese capital, Thimphu, famous for its dainty buildings and the gigantic Tashichho Dzong and the small yet pretty region around Punakha. The Punakha Dzong, Bhutan's most spectacular building is next on our list. From there on, we will move into relatively unchartered territory and visit the beautiful valleys of Phobjikha and Bumthang. Pristine, surreal and heavenly, these places would seem like a fairy tale to you. Unwillingly, after a few short days, we will retrace our way back to Thimphu and then towards Paro. The world famous Tiger's Nest monastery, situated atop a gigantic cliff, is the stuff of local legend. Mythical and dreamy, this place is sure to make a place in your hearts forever. Across the Paro valley and up towards the eternally snow-clad mountains is a remote place called Haa, known for its astounding vistas and utter peace. Haa is an idyll, we will live it, cherish it, love it.
    And then, after 11 fascinating days, we will fly back from Paro, which is an experience in itself. Sitting in the plane and marveling at the breathtaking panorama of the Himalaya all around, you will know that this is the ultimate Shangri-la. You will bid a teary-eyed farewell to that magical kingdom under the clouds, smiling gladly in the knowledge that you have experienced the 'Last Shangri-la'. 

    The 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', the ageless miracle of Nature shaped by the artistry and spirituality of Man, would beckon you once again. For the time being, you will sit relaxed and content.


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