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    Valley of Flowers

    Valley of Flowers was hidden from the world until 1931. Legend has it that the local inhabitants of the Bhyundar valley avoided the Valley of Flowers, believing it to be the celestial playground of the Gods, nymphs and fairies! Such is its astounding beauty that travellers have been known to lapse into fits of ecstasy! They claim to have attained the ultimate peace of mind in this charming valley, for the setting is as dramatic and the views are breathtaking! The Valley of Flowers National Park, when in full bloom would have made even Wordsworth settle here! Waves after waves of the most beautiful flowers adorn the Valley for a very brief period during the summer, after which it goes back to oblivion, only to be seen next summer!

    When in flower, the Valley is not to be missed!

    And in that captivating, mist-covered valley bounded by the mighty Himalayan mountains on all sides, roam some of the most elusive creatures found in India. The Snow Leopard, the Himalayan Black Bear, Serow, the Himalayan Golden Eagle are all found in and around the valley! It could well get lucky for you! We also visit the enchanting Hemkund sahib, Badrinath and the gorgeous hill resort of Auli. Come with us on this authentic Himalayan camp of ours which is well and truly, beyond wild!


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