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     Tawang is a jewel in this unique north-eastern itinerary of ours. The best part about Tawang is the journey! Here, the great affair is to move. As you go up and down in those giant valleys and passes you see a different world, a world of complete silence, of solitude and bliss... 
     The charming little town of Tawang and it`s eclectic surroundings are best witnessed because no words of men can do justice to what lies hidden behind those fabled passes of the north-east. It is here that the land still echoes the war-cries of the brave Indian soldiers even as they were outnumbered against the Chinese, where the barely-audible hymn of the monks lends an other-worldly charm to the Tawang monastery and where gigantic mountains and pristine rivers join hands to create a world of superlative beauty. Let us explore this land. Together.


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