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    Tadoba National Park

       Tadoba isn`t just some other national park. It is the very byname of the Tiger. Every story, every blade of grass, every speck of sand, every living creature here, breathes just 1 word – ‘Tiger’.

       Probably, the best place in the world to see the Tiger, Tadoba is all about these majestic beasts. A glorious forest situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, this ‘Jewel of the Vidarbha’, is a magical land of dense woodlands and bamboo thickets. Lusciously green, with a number of lakes and ponds to support the wildlife, Tadoba is a refuge to an astounding number of animals, which include deer, nilgais, sloth bears, langoors, wild dogs and leopards. These animals, along with the enigmatic tiger form the very backbone of Tadoba.

    Come visit Tadoba and get soaked in this enchanting land of tigers.


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