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    Serengeti National Park

    The world’s most famous national park, Serengeti is famous for its iconic annual migration where over a million ungulates take part in the annual pilgrimage. Regarded by many safari connoisseurs as the best place for wildlife viewing, Serengeti stands true to its name. Siringet means the place where the land runs on forever in the local language and its fabled 14,763 sq. kms of unending plains stand testimony to this age-old definition. Lions, leopards, cheetahs, African elephants and a number of herbivores have been roaming these vast savannahs for ages and with our love and patronage, will continue doing so for many more..

    We stay right at the heart of the park where the main action happens. The Migration is a moving phenomenon and it reaches different parts of the Serengeti at different times. Our experts and local representatives keep a constant watch and decide the best abode for us. This is well and truly, a Beyond Wild experience.


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