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     Situated in the luminous state of Rajasthan, Ranthambore is an abode to the mighty predators that are tigers. The royalty of the state is reflected in the park too, through the landscape and the existing wildlife. The Ranthambore fort arises proudly in the park as a jewel in the crown. The tigers, which are the current rulers of the forest, roam about freely to protect their fort and the kingdom. You can come face to face with these tigers in the safaris that can take 20 people or 6 people at a time, in an open safari ride.

     Make sure you browse through the history and the tales of Ranthambore, one page at a time. The chapters include the tiger, the fort, nilgai, wild boar, sambhar, hyena, sloth bear and chital. And we dare not leave out the exceptional flora and fauna, that challenge the harsh weather conditions, that the state throws upon them. One of them grew to be amongst the largest banyan trees in the country! Don’t waste time in thinking twice. Hop onto one of those safaris and slowly relish each chapter.



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