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    Kabini ( Nagarahole National Park)

    Kabini river, meandering joyfully through the southern reaches of Karnataka has created an oasis of greenery around itself. This park was an exclusive hunting ground of the former rulers of Mysore. Today, it’s the favourite hunting ground of photographers from around the world aiming to click that ‘wow’ picture of an elegant leopard hanging from a tree and fixing it’s insolent gaze upon the ground below! One of the best places in India to see the Leopard, Kabini harbors a healthy population of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Nagarahole, deriving it’s name from snake and 'hole' [referring to the many streams adorning it’s terrain] and the surrounding area has the largest population of the Asiatic Elephant anywhere in the world! Thousands of these mighty beasts roam the ample woods of Kabini, browsing on the vegetation that comes in their path! And astonishingly, when in thick woods, only the flapping of the ears, the rumbling of the stomach, or the crackling of dry bush gives them away. So silent is their walk that they literally seem to glide through the forest..

    A boat ride through the peaceful waters of Kabini opens up an altogether different world. Crocodiles and otters are not uncommon, with many visitors having photographed them at close quarters. Birds like the White Backed Vulture, Osprey, Pied Kingfisher inhabit the trees around the backwaters. And who knows if a thirsty leopard, or a tiger comes down to the shores for a sip..

    The famed Jungle Lodge Resorts are our abode during the camp, where all your desires could be satisfied…One of the best wildlife resorts in India, the Kabini River Lodge is a paradise. Kabini is bound to enchant you. For a life time and more..


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