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    Goa needs no introduction. The iconic beaches of Goa have charmed and captivated travelers for ages. The palm-fringed beaches, the rocky outcrops, the white sands and the laid-back atomsphere, all make Goa one of India`s dearest travel destinations.

    However, there is more to Goa than the beaches. Home to some marvelous monuments, Goa`s architectural grandeur is at par with the best. Churches, Portuguese mansions and old and colourful villas dot this beautiful state like jewels on a bride`s visage. 

    When in Goa, be sure to be enchanted by sunsets on some of Goa`s most beautiful beaches, explore hidden delights of ancient churches, spend quality time at some of Goa`s less-frequented and rocky beaches, to have an experience of a lifetime.

    Goa awaits. Are you game?

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