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    Gir Forest National Park

     Gir Forest National Park is a huge forest reserve comprising of 1412 sq. kms of dry deciduous jungle. Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, Gir is the last home of the Asiatic Lion.

    Gir is all about this magnificent beast, whose tales are etched in the psyche of almost every great civilization! The epitome of royalty, the Lion is perhaps the ultimate symbol of majesty. A huge male lion ambling along a dust path in Gir’s mythical wild will corrupt your memory cells forever!

    Gir is also a very good place for other Indian animals, including the leopard, sloth bear, deer and hundreds of different birds. Sustained by about 300 water points including the 7 rivers and the very important Kamleshwar dam, Gir boasts of having around 420 lions in its woods. Let us enjoy this veritable wildlife haven and contribute to saving the Asiatic Lion.


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