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     The capital of India is also known as  Dilwalo ka Sheher, which translates into the The City of people with big hearts. Expect to be welcomed warmly by the people, with arms wide open and massive hearts when you are in Delhi.  The city is a concoction of opulent history and scintillating modernity.

     The rulers left behind a mysterious and enviable past through the pompous forts, palaces and tombs that are scattered gloriously all around the city. You will be amazed at the different layers of chronicles and magical history that`s buried within the walls of these forts and palaces. Peeling off each layer will give you a peek in the affluent bygone era. The forts represent the homes of the past rulers, their fighting grounds or their resting places. Lose yourself in the nearby lanes of Old Delhi and treat yourself to some freshly prepared food, whose age old, secretive recipes have trickled through the years, just for the sake of gastronomical delight.

     Flip the city by 180 degrees and find yourself enjoying yourself amidst the rush and thrill of modern times. The humongous shopping complexes, vast green parks, movie theatres, uncountable hotels and restaurants, discos and pubs are just a few things that you can pamper yourself with and all these are found just a stone throw away from each other. The warm and friendly people will instantly make you feel like you’re a part of the city. Come to the capital of all things awesome, and be ensured of a great time.


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