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     Situated at an elevation of 7000 feet between the Tons and Yamuna rivers, Chakrata is one huge natural history specimen. Abounding in hundreds of breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan birds, adorned by dense coniferous forests of Devdar and Pine and bejewelled by a number of Himalayan streams and waterfalls, Chakrata`s beauty has to be experienced atleast once in a lifetime! It`s cold environs and surreal Himalayan feel make travellers long for more. Explore the glorious village and it`s surroundings with none other Prof S. D. Mahajan or fondly, our beloved Bapu! Listen to stories about the Himalaya, go on long hikes through the Oak forests or just relax by the fire as our cooks prepare hot local food! And who knows, we might be the only tourists in the entire town!


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