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    Spiti Valley

    05 to 13 July

    Spiti is a land of stunning natural beauty hidden somewhere between Tibet and India. This ‘Little Tibet’ is made up of dreamy landscapes so beautiful that mere words can do no justice! Spiti is a region with breathtakingly gorgeous high – altitude Himalayan lakes, tall mountains so stark and devoid of any vegetation that one would feel that they are on the moon and the air and people so pure that one would not want to leave this paradise!

    Some of India’s most isolated and important monasteries are located in Spiti. The monasteries and the monks all offer excellent photographic opportunities. As we travel the iconic Rohtang la and Kunzun la and enter Spiti’s remote interiors, you would find yourself in an altogether different world. Every road, every mountain here is a treat for a photographer. With Kedar Bhat’s expertise by your side, you are sure to make some beautiful pictures for posterity!



    What will you take back?

    1. An in-depth knowledge of nature and landscape photography.
    2. Technical know-how of landscape photography.
    3. Various ways of composing and lighting your subjects.
    4. Key points of photographing people.
    5. An authentic Himalayan experience in the company of people who have been there many times.
    6. Tips and tricks on Himalayan birding, trekking and living.
    7. A BEYOND WILD perspective on nature and wildlife.
    8. Inputs from a number of sessions, workshops and Q&As.


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