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    Tadoba New Year

    30 December to 01 January

    Tadoba has, in a very short span of time, gained reputation as one of India’s prime tiger viewing jungles. An incredible tiger density, less number of water holes and a brilliant team of guides, drivers and naturalists has ensured that Tadoba always remains on top of tiger sighting charts throughout the year. With very bold tigresses like Maya, Sonam, Tara and Madhuri having cubs presently and males like Matka patrolling the great bamboo jungles, tiger viewing is comparatively easier. We have always strived to give you the best possible experience not just in terms of tiger spotting but also in truly ‘living’ the jungle and partaking in the various beauties and bounties it has to offer! A great population of leopards, wild dogs and sloth bears does no harm to the experience either! In a place like Tadoba, having very good naturalists on safari does help! Positioning the jeep, anticipating the animals’ movements, predicting the sightings for the next round and also ensuring that our guests get the best possible images maintaining all ethics and jungle etiquette is what we bring to the table! Comfortable jungle stays with air-conditioned rooms and sumptuous local food, in-house sessions on wildlife and photography and post-safari group discussions and review sessions is what Beyond Wild is known for! Some people call our Tadoba tour a ‘cult’ while others just smile and come back again! We are here to help you get the most memorable wildlife experience ever, something that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and more Come, the beautiful winter’s Tadoba awaits you! 

    Destinations Visited

    Tadoba National Park
    Tadoba National Park
       Tadoba isn`t just some other national park. It is the very byname of the Tiger. Every story, every blade of grass, every speck of sand, every living creature here, breathes just 1 word...Read More
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