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    Leadership Development Programme (starting the 10th of July).

    All of us have been on camps and tours in search of the great wild wonders and into those

    mountains of the north. You have realized the importance of good leaders on these tours and the

    huge difference it makes to have a stable head guiding you! All these leaders together form THE

    TEAM! We at Beyond Wild believe in imparting as much knowledge as possible in the most fun yet

    professional manner! Thus, we are looking for more able people to help us in our cause!

    We have our 2nd Leadership Development Programme starting the 10th of July. Do enrol! :)

    What is included?

    1. 14 classroom sessions conducted by wildlife, travel and outdoor experts.

    2. 3 one-day field trips to help you get acquainted with our travel culture and also the basics of

    leading excursions.

    3. 2 overnight field trips in the company of our experts.

    4. Lots of in-depth knowledge sharing and interactions with well-established leaders.

    Period: July to October 2016.

    Fees: 9000/- all - inclusive of the outings and field trips.

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