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    "Beyond Wild camps always touch your heart. You may not always see awe-inspiring sights or world famous monuments, but the tours are unique events in themselves. They are a phenomenon!"
    - Mr. Rao, Ladakh camper.

    "There are bad tours, there are good tours and then there are BEYOND WILD tours! Epic!"
    - Ms. Shad, Kenya camper.

    "The guys teach you. They entertain you. They change you! BEYOND WILD forever!"
    - Ms. Rai, Kanha camper.

    "I was a bit skeptical about venturing into a forest, being a thorough-bred Bombayite. The first few minutes in the forest changed my mind completely. The next 4 days were the best of my life!"
    - Anuj, Kanha camper.

    "You taught us the essence of wildlife. You also teach how to learn, understand and love the great outdoors. You rock guys!"
    - Ms. Mahajan, Bandhavgarh camper.

    "Dr. Parag Mahajan, the man who in just a week taught me more than I had learnt in 2 years of high school! Respect."
    - Mrs. Chaudhari, Valley of Flowers camper.

    "While on a safari in Bandhavgarh, Mihir casually mentioned that the weather was good to spot sloth bears ( jokingly! ). Thirty minutes later, a female sloth bear along with her 2 cubs dolefully crossed the road we were on for a complete 2 minuted!"
    You guys are special!
    - Mr. Deshpande, Bandhavgarh camper.

    "The safari specialists. Oh yeah!"
    - Mrs. Kulkarni, Kenya camper.

    "Very hospitable - felt like we were at home. They look after you like your own family. I would recommend everyone to travel with them."
    - Dr. Saraswate, Tadoba camper.

    "Fun loving and extremely knowledgeable guys to travel with. They pin-point the small things with astounding accuracy and in an entertaining manner. Truly enjoyed!"
    - Ms. Aswani, Ladakh camper.

    "Whoa! 12 tigers! 2 leopards! 16 wild dogs! It was truly magnificent!"
    - Rahul, Bandhavgarh camper.

    "These are not ordinary tours. They are great voyages of discovery! Wishes to your entire team!"
    - Mrs. Kotak, Ranthambhore camper.

    "The Tadoba camp had everything. Perfect service, unbelievable sightings, superb food, fun activities and the famous Beyond Wild Quiz. Loved every moment! :)"
    - Ms. Joshi, Tadoba camper.

    "Before I started camping with Beyond Wild I had no friends. Now, I have many!
    Giving a chance to Camp with some truly special, like-minded people is the best thing Beyond Wild does to you. I will always be grateful to you."
    - Anushree, Ladakh camper.

    "We went to Kenya with Beyond Wild. The local guides showed us the animals, but Dr. Parag told us about the animal behaviour, explained the ecology, stressed upon each and every animals importance and left us spellbound by his deep understanding of nature. Well, not to forget the songs at night sang under the starry Kenyan skies!
    8 days of pure magic!"
    - Mr. Kulkarni, Kenya camper.

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